Q: where did you hide The Bodies?

A: i know not which bodies you speak of, friend

Q: where were you on June 2nd, year 410?

A: i cannot confirm nor deny that i was vandalizing the city of Rome at the time

Q: ever seen a seagull in real life?

A: no, actually. there are Many things i do not see, for how All-Seeing i am

Q: what is your greatest fear?

A: boring frequently asked questions

Q: favorite card in a deck?

A: my favorite is the ace of clubs

Q: who's asking these questions

A: trust me theyre real i promise :)

A: why is this labelled as an answer

Q: it is ultimately the preconceptions of you, the viewer, leading you to believe that "A:" correlates with "Answer" and "Q:" correlates with "Question." we are Not on the same brainlength.

Q: what's the meaning of life?

A: who are you? that's the meaning of life

Q: is this The End?

A: yes, love.

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